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There's a lot of noise.  Everywhere.  We're surrounded by it and it's in our heads.  It distorts what your priorities are.

Your career, your job, your business, is what many people spend most of their time doing.  But it rarely gets the right kind of time & attention it deserves.  When was the last time you took control of your career/business and really reflected on what's right, what's true to what you want and what will make you happy?

Coaching in general can help you with your job or business.  Dig into what you like vs. don't like, what' you're good at vs. not so good at.  Give you some light bulb moments where you come up with things that might work for you.  That's a good first step.  It might take a bunch of sessions to get there but it'll probably still feel a bit superficial...

The Yugen Way looks at things slightly differently.  It takes all aspects of your life as context.  Because everything you do impacts everything you do.  Your career/business and how you feel about it generally + day to day realities of it will affect how you sleep which affects what you eat which affects your mood which affects how you perform at work which affects how you interact with friends and family which affects ...  You get the gist.

There are four parts to the Yugen Way which can help your career/business and also other areas of your life which are naturally impacted:



You can focus and work on your career but other areas play a pivotal role.  You can't just work on one area of your life and be done with it.  It's always changing, you and everything around you is constantly evolving so we need to work together so you have the awareness, mindset and skills to deal with this fluidity.  Making changes in your career will affect other areas of your life and vice versa



The Japanese concept of Ikigai is becoming well known.  'A reason for being', a 'life purpose' - something that really lights a fire in your belly.  These translations feel quite dramatic and daunting but the idea behind it is brilliant.  I'm not saying your job has to be your life purpose.  But it's important to understand what yours is, and how your career fits within that.
I also like to break it down to more manageable pieces, thinking about little sparks rather than a full on fire.  I work with clients to help them identify what their sparks are, both in their work and outside, and how to go about adding more of them to their lives



Raising your awareness by giving you the time and space to make that possible.  In everyday life, there is very little time and space to do anything but get through the day.  And as I said above, careers and jobs get very little mind-time.
Having the opportunity to tap into your awareness allows you to review, digest, assess and action things more appropriately to make an actual impact on your life that is sustainable


Finally, none of this is possible and definitely not sustainable if you're not well in yourself.  Being well means completely different things to different people, so we'll work through what makes sense for you in the context of your life, your challenges and your goals.  Working out what's achievable and breaking it down to bite-size goals rather than just striving for one big goal

Working with me using this approach can create sparks in lots of different situations & areas of your life.

Get in touch if: you're ready for a complete career change; you're ready to get your business going; you just want to explore options so you can make a conscious decision about the right options for you; you have confidence issues which affect your performance and/or stop you from being your best; you want to develop & advance your career/business quicker; you have no idea what you want to do next; you want to feel valued; you want to enjoy what you do!

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