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I have been working with Alex for several months and she has honestly changed my life.  We work together to put unmanageable elements of my life into perspective using steps and achievable goals.  She helps me focus on the present and gives me the insight to believe and better myself.

She has a brilliant knack of listening to the unsaid and drilling down to the real issues that hold me back.I would highly recommend anyone to see Alex if they want to change their lives for the better!

W.H. London.  1-1 Coaching

Alex is an excellent coach, the sessions were really tailored to what I needed and I feel that she has helped me to grow and understand myself better than before the sessions.

Alex is fantastic at teasing out ideas without being in anyway judgemental.  She is great at listening and really makes you feel like you can do better.

T.M. London. 1-1 Coaching

I took part in one of Alex's group career coaching sessions and found it super useful to gain clarity over my next steps. I felt reassured that it's OK to not know exactly what I want to do but I now have steps in place to work it out.

Alex is friendly, thoughtful and always just a call/message away if you're feeling anxious about anything. She's knowledgeable, asks the right questions and just generally a lovely person. Would highly recommend if you need a bit of guidance in your career.

A.C London.  Group Coaching

Alex has helped me to unpick a lot of the noise in my head, professional and personal.  She's given me tools to help me manage the many balls I juggle, and reminds me to look after my own health and wellbeing.

I believe that working together with Alex has changed, and continues to change things for the better and I cannot recommend her enough.

T.E. London. 1-1 Coaching

All the sparks!! This has been so great and definitely want to continue with coaching, I've realised it's difficult to do this all on your own and having these coaching sessions has been invaluable in helping me move forward with confidence - definitely a coaching convert.

Alex has an incredibly calm, considered and concise approach to helping you unscramble and sort out the noise and clutter that's going on in your head, guiding with pragmatic steps to help work on that clarity and focus for the way forward. Alex does this in such a relaxed and steady flow that you feel completely at ease and realise you are starting to make progress before you know it - giving you that confidence you really can kick all those goals :)

As this is my first coaching experience I think Alex is fantastic, both in the coaching sessions and with the support between sessions - for me she has nailed it perfectly.

Olivia, London - 1:1 Coaching

Really can’t recommend Alex highly enough! She came in at a point of huge change in my life. After 11 sessions I’m much more self aware and feel like I know who I am and what I want, which is helping me be a better person in both my personal and professional lives.

I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, and it’s thanks to her for helping me realise I had it all along! Please reach out - she could change you’re life!

Aisha - 1:1 Coaching

Yugen Coaching was a great experience for me. I was in the middle of a crossroads unsure how to proceed forward and Alex and my other group coaching members really helped me focus and see clearly.

I now have a new career path and couldn't be happier! Thanks Yugen Coach!

Kate - Group Coaching

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