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I started Yugen Coach so I can work with people to move them onto a healthier, fulfilling and more rewarding career path.

My approach is different for each client but always framed by the Yugen Way.  I like to work creatively, it's never just a conversation.  Equally, I'm not bound by the traditional tools and techniques and have many I've designed myself based on coaching sessions but also from my time as a market researcher where I loved creating new methods to help people articulate themselves and uncover hidden truths.  I like to be quite blunt.  Or I am just quite blunt.  But I don't see the point of circling around an issue!

I decided coaching is what I wanted to do as my career during a time when I actually had time and space to let my brain do what it needed to do, maternity leave.  Until then, I was on auto-pilot, chasing the next project, completing the eight projects I already had, managing a team, managing clients...  I had a coach who helped me clarify a lot of things but then I stopped seeing him.  Big mistake.  I implemented coaching in the way I managed my team because I believed in it's power but didn't have enough headspace to turn that attention to myself.

This is what I want to work with my clients to avoid.  Living life in a bit of a blur.  Things move really fast these days and we (unfortunately) need to deliberately make time and space to take stock.  Ideally, I'd send clients into a beautiful Nordic hut in the middle of nowhere with no WiFi for a week.  But that's too ambitious (for now)...  So I like to think of my sessions with clients not as the equivalent of a holiday in a hut but at least an hour or so to step out of the fast lane and breathe, get things out and create achievable actions.  And I don't like to think of it as 'fixing' things or stopping doing things.  It's more about identifying and adding more of those positive sparks into your life, with a view that filling up with these will put you in a better place and mindset to deal with those other difficult situations that life inevitably throws at us.

I'm also the co-founder of KiKu Coaching, an agency offering targeted at organisations, focusing on leadership and performance coaching.   I set KiKu up with Susie Boyle and Richard Taylor who I met while studying.

I studied with the British School of Coaching and achieved the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.


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+44 (0)7939 177 284

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