So you can stop procrastinating & design your new working life in a considered yet empowered way


A 6 month, 9  session programme which is for you if you feel it's time for a complete change but have no idea where to start.  Or you have too many options and don't know where to start!  You are:​

  • Fed up with your work, your industry and need to explore and understand a) what your transferable skills are and b) where they're relevant

  • Ready to try your hand/get trained up at something else having given your current line of work a good go

  • Done with hopping around different types of jobs and it's time to commit - but to what?


The exact details obviously depends on what we're working on.  But at a top level, we:

  • We allow a good chunk of time to EXPLORE what you've got, what your strengths are, what your passions are, what your vision is and get everything out on the table so we can take a clear look at and start identifying options

  • Taking all the options, you start to DESIGN the dream - we make sure it stays true to what you ultimately want but also flexible enough to allow you to twist here and there if necessary

  • You create a detailed plan and schedule things in to IGNITE the vision and get things moving.  We make sure it's all designed in such a way that helps you keep up the momentum and feel motivated


Before you decide to work with me on this programme, we have a 30min intro chat so we can both understand better what's going on and how coaching can help.

Then we have a longer (90mins) first session so we have time to get everything out on the table & get things moving from the get go. Subsequent sessions are 60mins each.

You'll leave each session with things to do, tasks, actions - and I'll hold you accountable to them!  We'll keep in touch via e-mail/WhatsApp between sessions too.


What you get out of it is totally dependent on what you put into it.  Coaching only really works when the client is willing to put the work in.  But - when you do, you'll walk away with:

  • Clarity: around what it is you enjoy, what you're good at, what your passion is and how you can apply those to your future career

  • Identity: knowing who you are and what you uniquely have to offer + what it is that's going to make you feel fulfilled

  • Belief: confidence, self-belief that you can get to where you want to get to.  Particularly important considering you're probably pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to start a fresh

  • Momentum: moving towards your clearly defined goal with ease because you know what your bigger vision is

  • Step by step planeverything that was jumbling around in your head will be nicely laid out, easy & exciting to follow


(option to pay in instalments)


"I was in the middle of a crossroads unsure how to proceed forward and Alex really helped me focus and see clearly.  I now have a new career path and couldn't be happier!"  Kate - London


Book your free 30mins Intro Call here so you can ask me any questions and I can understand a bit more about who you are and what you need.


Any questions?  Just ask!

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